The spread of COVID-19 in the United States has led to a complete halt of sporting events and prompted questions as to whether the 2020 college football season will even take place. Athletic department budgets will be trimmed across divisions. Schools trying to stay open might even question the importance of having an athletics program at all.

The economic climate in college sports that existed pre-Rona, even just a month ago, was vastly different from the one that will emerge post-coronavirus. As students ask for room and board refunds (tens of million per school!) and colleges reimburse students for prorated dorm and meal plans, there will be a substantial cost. Assuming the NCAA allows spring sports athletes to come back next year, there will be costs associated with renewing their scholarships for an extra year.  Meanwhile, the freshmen who thought they were going to play right away, sit behind a fifth- or sixth-year senior. Do they transfer at Christmas break?

Who knows but college sports will be hit hard and just will not be the same economically after Rona goes home. What are your predictions?

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